Urbanista Lisbon True Small Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Small earbuds are portable and can be easily carried to different places. You can them anytime and anywhere as they can easily slip into your pocket. Many different earbuds with different prices, brands, and quality are available in the market.

It is very challenging to decide which earbuds are best. Each company is giving its best to produce the best and comfortable earbuds for the user. Earbuds with the best sound and audio quality are mind-blowing they provide you with the best sound effect and canceling all the inside and outside noise to pleasure your ears. You can experience the music it is meant to be heard.

Small earbuds are of the best shape and can easily fit into your ears. Compatibility is one of the main features of the best earbuds because if they are not compatible with different devices they are of no use. If they are compatible you can connect them with different devices to transfer your favorite music and listen to it.

Urbanista Lisbon True Small Bluetooth Earbuds Specification:

These Lisbon earbuds are tiny just 4 grams each and lightweight. That is the reason they are called small earbuds. The design of the earbuds is just amazing and can easily adjust to your ears without covering your whole ears. You will not feel anything or any sensations while wearing these earbuds.

You don’t have to deal with any wires because they are wireless you just have to plug them in your ears and enjoy the music. Once you charged them they will run for continuously 9 hours. The earbuds come with a carrying case that serves as a charger and if the earbuds are charged two times they will run the music for you for the next 24 hours.

These earbuds come with built-in Bluetooth technology and are compatible and can be connected with Android and IO devices. These earbuds come in different colors such as Blush Pink, Midnight, Peach, and mid-green. You can choose any color of your choice. These earbuds come with a warranty card of 365 days.

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