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Unlimited leather Scraps! How To Tame Boars In Valheim Quick Guide

Valheim Tame Boars

Today on this guide taming you contain boards you can also tame wolves and there maybe even some more creatures but i haven’t got to that stage yet but here’s how I tamed some balls on my live stream the other day hopefully you learned something I’ll give you some tips.

You have to build yourself a pen it’s pretty simple there’s a few key points of this though when you spawn the very first area you decide to actually have as your home do make sure you try and not kill the balls around there i find that once i’d murdered a good few it was hard for them to spawn close by to my base in fact it took a good few days what you want to do is try and get this out as quickly as possible as soon as you got a base going get a fence ready up a pen set up and try and capture two balls at least this will save you so much time in the long run rather than going around the whole of the map looking footballs as early game you’re going to need loads and loads of leather scraps and it can be just a bit of a pain in the butt once you’ve got the rough outline of a pen you can go ahead and try and lower a ball in basically just get it to follow you and aggro and run into the pen made the pen fairly big so that you don’t have too many issues with the ball chasing you and maybe flatten the ground underneath just to make things a little bit easier too they can be a bit troublesome i don’t think there’s anything really to lure them.

You can maybe chuck some food down and they might try and gobble it up a little bit quicker but it doesn’t seem like they hone in on food the minute it’s there simply as soon as you got one in you can go ahead and pin the first one in for the next one just set up another small enclosure next to it and in a minute we’re going to make this a bit smaller but let’s get the second ball inside with bit luck it shouldn’t take too long as soon as it’s inside close it in job done do remember you do need to do this within the radius of your workbench but you can set up multiple workbenches if you find a spot that’s got lots of balls if you have gone ahead and killed some it took around i would say four days for some more balls to spawn back in my starting area the very first time and after that it seemed to be every two or three days i would see them come back i’ve had to travel far and wide to get more of the scraps you saw me dump some food inside the pen that’s pretty much how you feed them.

You’ll see a little heart go above their heads if they go ahead and start eating it it’s usually yellow colored this means it’s working and the taming is happening now you’ve just got to leave them for a good amount of time usually like a day and try not aggro them try not running over too much or getting it so that they’re attacking the fence the fence should be okay they don’t often break through during the whole livestream that i was doing this i didn’t manage to get in the foods that you can use the tame room are mushrooms berries and carrots now carrots you’ll find carrot seeds in the black forest and some of the mushrooms often the red ones you’ll find in there too the yellow ones you get inside some of the dungeons that you find in the black forest it does look like to me they may be preferred that type of food one caution though once you’ve tamed them they i think can only be fed carrots also something to bear in mind to try and make the pen a little bit smaller if nothing’s really going if you go and take a look there’ll be a percentage bar on the balls just make sure they’ve got plenty of food on the ground that they can access and try and not do anything around them don’t be jumping or attacking creatures letting creatures get too close to an either so far.

They’re pretty happy with me they have not raised up any fuss but it does look like carrots are the ones that you’re gonna have to feed them so you’re gonna need to unlock the cultivator tool now the cultivator tool i do believe you only get when you’ve gone and gone to the bronze age so you can pretty much have to unlock yourself the smelter get yourself copper and tin and make some bronze maybe it’ll take a bit longer like i said it all depends on how much food you give them and how much they don’t get the frightened but eventually they will actually start breeding and you’ve got baby piglets they ended up producing two of these in the space of a day and a half check on their progress if they’re okay by just simply putting on them pressing the e button and if they’re happy then you don’t have to worry too much if they’re unhappy you need to find some food in fact you can make the balls so happy they absolutely love you and this is this this is when they’re fully domesticated again not completely variable but it does look like they take around two days for the actual boards to grow up into full sized pigs and then you can slowly lead them away and end their lives so that you’ve got more leather and meat i wouldn’t suggest you do that though until you get at least more than four four is a good number to keep here but do remember you gotta keep feeding them and you are gonna have to work out how to plant and grow your own carrots using that cultivator that’s something i haven’t even done yet so these pigs may not last long but it’s definitely enough to give me some extra Valheim Leather Scraps Native Gamer and i reckon i will get even more piglets out of this bunch so fingers crossed i can go and get that cultivator made now until next time wrap bags i’ll catch you for more valentine action laters

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