Smoking versus vaping: which is worse for your teeth?

Smoking and vaping both are very dangerous to the teeth they cause serious effects that are harmful to dental teeth. In many commercials, you may have seen the effect of smoking on your teeth. The same effect is caused by vaping it can harm your teeth and gyms. There is not much difference between both. Smoking and vaping can cause dry mouth, excess bacteria in the mouth, irritation, and cell death.

Smoking and vaping are also linked with tooth decay, bad breath, bone loss, tooth loss, and much more. Many people are aware that smoking is bad for their health but they cannot help themselves because they are addicted to smoking. Cigarette contains tobacco products that can vanish the whitening of your teeth. It can also vanish the sense of taste and you will not feel the taste in anything you eat. Cigarette effects directly on your lungs and immune system.

Smoking and its effects:

Smoking and all other tobacco products leaves a harmful effect on dental health. Smoking not only affects the teeth but damage other organs of the body as well. Some of the long-term effects of smoking are mentioned below.


Smoking affects your mouth in various ways one of the worst ways is that you get an infection in your mouth that can lead to cancer. It will shut down the ability of your mouth to deal with infection and your mouth will have no defence mechanism. Whenever you will get an infection in your mouth the infection will spread and cause much dangerous illness and your mouth will have no mechanism to defend against those bacteria.

Teeth Straining:

The longer the bacteria will remain in your mouth there are more chances that your teeth become yellow and become to strain. This can lead to many problems such as tooth loss and then you have to go through a root canal.

Poor Circulation:

The bacteria inside the mouth will cause many serious issues such as you will not get enough oxygen because the blood flow will stop. When you will not get enough oxygen it will affect your lungs and your lungs will get damaged.

Smoking and dental health:

Smoking leads to many dental problems some of which are mentioned below.

  • Bad breath is because bacteria reside in your mouth and blocks the oxygen to enter your mouth.
  • Smoking can lead to gum disease which can lead to tooth loss.
  • The mouth is not able to fight back the infection which leads to the risk of oral cancer.

Vaping and its effects:

Most of the people who want to quit smoking shift from smoking to vaping. Although vaping has the same effects as smoking it does not help the person in anyways. Some of the effects caused by vaping are mentioned below.

Dry mouth:

There are some dangerous liquids in vapes that cause mouth dryness. When you will feel mouth dryness it will affect your teeth which can lead to tooth decay, bad breath, and mouth sores.


When you shift to vaping, vaping contains some liquids which come in contact with the teeth and allow more bacteria to grow. The bacteria inside your mouth cause many different problems such as short breath, mouth dryness, tooth decay, and much more.

Irritation in the tooth:

Vapers can irritate your throat, gums, and teeth which can result in redness of gyms, swelling in throat and gyms, and much more.

Cell Death:

Vaping can cause DNA damage in the mouth which weakens the cells inside the mouth and they become incapable of fighting against the bacteria which results in infection and your mouth does not have any mechanism to fight the infection. As a result, the infection spreads in your mouth and can lead to the risk of oral cancer and many other issues such as tooth decay, mouth dryness, tooth loss, bone loss, bad breath, and much more.

Side effects of vape juice:

The vape juice you take contains Nicotine which is quite dangerous and strong and has many side effects such as Gum inflammation, dryness in the mouth, teeth grinding, teeth strain, and much more.

Which is worse smoking or vaping:

As far as we know smoking is more dangerous to health than vaping but vaping causes similar effects as smoking. Both of them cause dental and severe health issues. If you want better dental health leave all these things that cause serious dental issues and contact your doctor and get his prescription to enjoy the best oral health possible.

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