Is It Worth to Change Your Phone Every Year?

There is a time in a year where endless advertisements are going on about the latest smartphones by Apple, Android, and other phone companies. Smartphones serve many purposes for both professional and personal reasons. Technology is improving frequently and so is the need for the most modern smartphones. However, the question is with the constant software updates, the need of downloading new applications, and other innovations. Do we need to update our smartphones often?

Certain factors determine if we need to switch smartphones every year. It’s been investigated that the latest smartphones are so reliable and robust that they don’t need to be changed every year unless there is a need to do so. Here, we will discuss some factors before concluding whether smartphones need to be changed every year or not.

Software updates

People often change their phones for the latest software updates. If your old smartphone is no longer able to update the latest software then you may consider buying a new phone. Software updates are important to run the phone effectively, security reasons, bug fixes, and to run all types of applications.

You can search for the latest update on the phone’s website. For instance, Apple’s website clearly shows the latest operating software and which phones’ models are able to update it. If your phone model is older then you should start looking out for a new phone. However, the shelf life for android phones is much lesser than iPhones. Android devices can support software updates for up to 2 to 3 years. Therefore, it is better to search whether it can download the latest android software or not.

Are you facing a battery issue?

Another reason for changing the smartphone is the need for a new battery. If your phone’s battery has worn out, broken screen or voice issues then you may think about changing the phone. However, it’s better to search whether it’s needed to be changed or not.

The changing of the battery costs around $50 to $80 and fixing the screen costs around $100. It is quite cheaper than buying a brand-new phone. If you have recently bought a new phone then there is no point in wasting $350 to $1000 just to replace the battery or screen.

Maintain status

Sometimes people want to change their smartphones to maintain their status. The latest smartphones, such as, Samsung Galaxy S10 or iPhone xs max is around $1099 which is not affordable for everyone. Some people frequently buy the latest smartphones to show off to society and to maintain status in the society. If you already own one of the latest models then there is no need as software updates can easily be done in the current phone. However, it is one’s choice if they still want to update their phone or not.

Fast processor and high capacity

One of the reasons for changing the phone is to have fast processors with high capacity RAM. It helps to operate the phone without hanging up. You will be able to do hassle-free multitasking on your phone with less battery consumption.

If you already have a reliable smartphone that has at least snapdragon 7:30 or snapdragon 845 along with 6 or 8GB ram then you don’t need to change the phone. However, if the smartphone is not working properly then you do need to update it with another model.

High-resolution camera

If you are crazy about taking pictures or if you are in a field that requires photography and editing photos then you do need to change the smartphone.

There are many amazing phones out there in the market which have amazing cameras that give excellent shots. You can search about the high-resolution camera phones. For instance, a 48MP camera has a telephoto lens and a wide-angle view. It can capture beautiful photos.

Moreover, many latest smartphones are also offering phones that have triple or more cameras for more amazing photography. It can capture quality photos at night time as well.

Do you need to update your phone?

Always remember that we are not a bunch of trained robots who easily get drawn to advertising. Tech companies love to manipulate customers with their productive advertising. You can resist the desire for wanting the latest model unless you need to. There are factors that you may acknowledge before upgrading your phone. Before making a decision, do check out innovative features, software updates, processor, storage, battery life, and budget.

Technology will advance every year and there will be a rise and fall in smartphone categories. It is always depends on the customer to make the final decision.

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