How to Easily Sell your Products on Instagram

Every day Instagram connects more than 1 million active users which means that millions of people log in just to connect with the business of their choice. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for selling products. People use many different strategies to sell their products.

If you are an Instagram user and you want to start a business then you have to do everything to reach as many users as possible. Before creating an account it is very important to consider your audience. Make your post strong enough to reach the target audience then you can purchase Instagram likes and promote your products to the user.

There are many different methods and strategies that you can follow to sell your products on Instagram. Instagram networks focus on photos; it makes sense that the industries that do well tend to be more visual. In this article, you will discover different ways to promote and sell your products.

Set up an Instagram Account:

Before you move towards how to sell on Instagram you must first learn the basics. First set up your profile or your business so that you can use that account to sell your products.

Write Bio:

Before creating the first post you must set up a strong bio so that it can attract followers. Few tips for writing your Instagram Bio are mentioned below.

  • Setup the strong name for your store
  • Add a short description of your brand
  • Highlight the key information with emojis
  • Add a branded hashtag for images and videos.

Most people before buying the products first look at your bio. Make your bio strong so that you get as many followers as possible and then it will be easy for you to sell your products.

Prepare a Plan:

Before posting on Instagram first figure out which type of content to want to post on Instagram. For that purpose, you need a proper plan.

The content must be informative and entertaining to attract users and followers. The content plan is essential and helps you to ensure that your content meets your marketing goals. Types of content you need to include in your plan are mentioned below.

  • Promotional: Post about new products, promotions, discounts, and customer reviews.
  • Educational: Tips and Tricks, advice for the customer on how to use and care of the product.
  • Informative: Company news, achievements, and plans.
  • Entertaining: Jokes, surveys, and quizzes for time pass.

Setup Photography:

By posting different images about your product will be a great help in selling it. Because most of the customers look at the images and then decide to purchase.

You are most likely to sell to followers who are subscribed to your account. They have an appreciation for your post in their feed. It is very hard to convince the followers who visit your profile for the first time to purchase your products. So the images and photographs will be a great help to attract new followers.

Write best Captions:

The secret of selling your products on Instagram is having an engaged audience. The more the followers interact with your post the more Instagram will promote your content. Great captions generate the best comments so never try to copy the caption, always generate your own.

Captions on Instagram are limited to 2200 characters and you can add up to 30 hashtags to each post. Format your captions to make your post more readable and engaging. Use emojis, hashtags, add bullet points, and add new paragraphs to your text. Use different titles to catch your user’s attention. Use location tags and hashtags to generate more traffic to your page.

Create an Instagram Shop:

You need to explore the option of an Instagram shop. With this feature users that discover your brand will be able to purchase your item directly from the platform.

To use the Instagram shop you must first create a shop on Facebook and then connect it with your Instagram account. Once the shop is set up you will get an auto-like Instagram that will help your post as soon as you make them public.

Sell with Instagram Stories:

One of the best ways to sell on Instagram is to showcase your product on Instagram stories. Setting this promotion in your stories can be extremely beneficial and prompt users to keep coming back to your story to look up the new products and updates. Because stories always sit on the top of the Instagram Feed and they are easily noticeable.

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