Cyberpunk 2077 Tips And Tricks

Buying Legendary Weapons

It’s bigger than the cyberwar it definitely feels as such but buying legendary weapons from merchants definitely seems like a complete waste many of these Cyberpunk 2077 weapons native gamer can cost over 150 000 eddies and of course if you just play through the game you can get legendaries epics iconic from other means as I’ve also mentioned otherwise what you can do instead is to just buy the crafting recipes especially for the legendary guns which are much cheaper and this also means you can craft as many of these as you want as long as of course, you have the crafting materials.

Upgrade Slash Crafting System

The upgrade slash crafting system as i’ve said instead of spending that money to buy weapons go ahead and craft them luckily enough in the early stages crafting greens is really inexpensive you can get a ton of these crafting mats both from just looting corpses or stashes as well as disassembling the guns that you already have so in this case this is probably going to be the best course of action even more so since the crafting items that you get are going to scale to your current level so this means you never have to worry that you’re going to be under-geared or underpowered against the upcoming enemies.

Answer Your Damn Phone

Answer your damn phone what are you even waiting for like use your phone way more often to both call and message people especially so pay attention to the messaging bit because you can reply to many of these characters back with your own options so it is a whole mine nativegamer in itself but what’s most important is that at least on a few occasions you can answer to certain characters through these messages and if you don’t do that you can miss on some really amazing rewards like for example a free vehicle that you might not even know you can get or for example a really spicy scene that you might want to go ahead and take part in because yes it is that spicy even more so when at the end of it you might get a really useful reward that you can use against enemies to slap them in the face if you get my meaning.

Weapon Modes

Let’s talk a bit about them as well as the attachments because you might fall in another big trap that of course cyberpunk has set you and that is the fact that well yes weapons can be enhanced with all kinds of mods to increase damage status effect quick chance and so on and so forth but what you do need to know is that once you place a mod inside of a weapon that mod is there to stay forever and you’re likely not going to get it back at the very least not without getting the waste not want not passive in the tech ability which requires about 16 points to get so that is a very steep investment.

Higher Quality Mods

If you don’t want to do that instead just make sure that you keep the higher quality mods for the better guns a bit later on so that you don’t waste them the green ones and maybe even the rare ones you can waste them but don’t go in too deep as far as the attachments the good news is that yes you can take these down once you place them so things like the scope silencers can totally be removed and even switched between your different weapons but you can still lose them if you happen to disassemble a weapon that had that attachment installed on it so whenever you’re about to for example disassemble a weapon try to go ahead and take down its attachment.

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