Translation of Beautiful in 6 Other Languages

It is beautiful when you can use one word to express your whole feelings in different ways.

  • It can be used to express pleasant sceneries of nature. That are beautiful from all the edges.
  • When it comes to make someone feel more beautiful by their appearance and inwardly you can use the word beautiful. If you want to add more to your feelings, you can say beautiful in other languages.
  • It is not always you have to make your mind to speak the word in different languages. It must be a permanent habit that you try different words from other languages to express each feeling.
  • These words could prove themselves as much powerful, as sword.

Sometimes you just speak beautiful, and you never know the strength of the words. It adds more power to your feelings. when you speak beautiful in other languages, and it ends with more than one style and choosing it from any other language, it becomes more appealing.

It does not matter for which occasion you are using the word. It could be a birthday of your sweet heart or you just express your love routine. It is not necessary that you use this word only for your lovers, but you can use it for your favourite pet, the younger kid, the elder daughter or for your mom.

I believe it will work for each of them even you can try it for your friends as well. There is a state of emotion and we all know that there is always room for listening to love words.

Speaking same word that other are saying could add boring factor. Something unique saying can create difference. People who are psychologically logophile (the one who love special words said in different and unique way) can love saying beautiful in other languages. Words can transform people and in the meanwhile words can destroy universe. The eutony of words only can be felt.

How to say beautiful in 6 other languages?

  1. Russia:

In Russian language you will say “KRASIVAYA”. For masculine you only need to say “krasivyy”

  1. Filipino

In Filipino the word we use for beautiful is “ILUSAD”. It sound like “Ilu Sad”.


we say beautiful as “Lamazi” in Geodian language. It sound as “Lay May Zee”.

  1. Italian:

If you want to say beautiful in Italian you have to say “BELLISSMIA”. This is best proven way to speak it. In Italian for Masculine, you have to speak “BELLISSIMO”.

  1. In Spanish:

For Spanish language if you are going to say beautiful. Just say “HERMOSA”. You will be loved too by the people who are listening you. For masculine there is same word.

  1. Lithuanian:

Lithuania is European country and it is most beautiful land with tall buildings and having a river right from the center of the country. Lithuanian is also count for the oldest language carrier.

If you ever get a chance to visit through this country you will probably need a specific word to describe your feelings. Because at every point you will find an appealing and eye-catching scene and you won’t stop yourself by admiring it and your tongue will surely slip to the word beautiful. But this is not enough for saying. You have to speak it the native language.

Grazi or Grazus are used instead of saying beautiful in this country. Even this country is linked with Europe but still they speak their own language. If you want to say very beautiful you have to add more words to Grazi. You can say LABAI GRAZI.

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